Thursday, November 12, 2009

Room to Grow Stronger

Our ward just split because we grew so big. Reactions varied across the board, but for the most part we all knew that this was coming and is for the best! I was selfish at first, I have to admit. Of course I thought mostly of all the extra work that we would have to put into a smaller ward. Oh yeah, I was being selfish, but I quickly had a change of heart. I have friends that are in the other ward. No I'm not in a clique group. Yes, I'm going to miss my friends, but it's not like I'll never see them. There are wonderful families in BOTH WARDS! This is a wonderful thing happening here! I've been thinking the past few days about what benefits come out of the ward splitting. Here is what I've come up with.

Our testimonies grow stronger! We all have to come together and be one...unite with our ward family and serve, serve, serve! We have to 'recruit' new members. Isn't this why we split in the first place? We get too big and can't possibly fellowship the new members or potential members. I can't tell you how many members have moved in the past year or two and I STILL DON'T know their names! Shame on me.

I remember a couple getting up in sacrament to talk and I thought to myself (before they revealed any info)...oh neat, a new family. Then they said that they had been there for almost a year!! (GASP!) This is one reason why we have to split. We (definitely me) can't take care of other members and fellowship them if we don't even know them or know they are there. We need to downsize to increase our size. Does that make sense?

We split, we are smaller, but we grow again by doing missionary work..get members and do it all over again. Then through all of this, our testimonies are growing and growing and we are becoming stronger missionaries, stronger members, a stronger ward family with stronger testimonies.

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